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SALLE 407 Ancienne Poste – Le Locle Training and Excellence


Room 407 is temporarily closed due to sanitary measures. If you are interested, please contact the Musée d’horlogerie du Locle – Château des Monts, phone number 032/933.89.80,; we’ll arrange a private tour of the exhibition for you.

La Fondation Watch Academy et le Musée d’horlogerie du Locle – Château des Monts présentent


4ème étage / Ancienne Poste

Formation & Excellence. Jules Grossmann. Directeur de la première école d’horlogerie du Locle. Théoricien de génie. Et la salle 407 où tout a commencé.

We – Su : 11.00 -17.00

Ancienne Poste

Rue Marie-Anne-Calame 5 - 2400 Le Locle

Please go to MBAL- Musée des Beaux-Arts du Locle, in front, to obtain the key to the room 407

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Flyer of the exhibition

Room 407, the old Post Office building, Le Locle. A room entirely devoted to the uniquely talented Jules Grossmann. A room that looks back to the early days of training in watchmaking, and forward to the future with the institutions that continue to safeguard learning, excellence and innovation. A room where careers are born.

The Watch Academy foundation and the Musée d’horlogerie du Locle — Château des Monts invite you to open the door of room 407. In 1868, a dozen pupils did exactly that. They were the very first class to study at the Le Locle Watchmaking School, under Jules Grossmann. But the classroom represents much more than an historical figure. It reminds us that Le Locle’s avant-garde spirit shaped its destiny. And that an entire region dared to break new ground. Echoes of this defining period can be found in the quartz crisis of the 1970s, when training and excellence took the form of innovation and diversification. This belief in quality is now part of Switzerland’s cultural heritage – yours to discover when you open the door of room 407...