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the dining room

This room, with its walnut décor contrasts strongly with the French-style salon. It is said that the timber came from France on a convoy passing through the Locle, taking them to be made into rifle barrels.

In the wall alcoves to the rear are two Jaquet-Droz clocks. Born in the Neuchâtel Mountains in 1721, Pierre Jaquet-Droz was an internationally famous maker of clocks and automats. One of these clocks includes a set of flutes and musical couple who begin to play on the hour or on demand. The second clock with serinette and bird originally had a Louis XV or Louis XVI cabinet. After the torments of the Revolution, Napoleon – probably helping himself to the furniture of ex-monarchs of France - had a more modern cabinet made before presenting it to a princess of Wurtemberg. The bronze designs celebrate Bonaparte’s victories in Egypt and the bird, who formerly perched on top of the clock, now found itself in a cage, albeit golden.